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Designing Your Custom Embroidered Patches

Our expert artists will do all the work necessary to make your design idea into a finished emblem logo at no additional cost.
Send Us Any Sketch: spacer   FOR BEST RESULTS:
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Final Patch
final patch

1. We recommend letters be at least 1/4" in height for best results (this is the equivilant to 14 points font)

2. Pick contrasting colors for a more dymamic-looking patch - for example, use a light colored background with dark colored lettering, or visa-versa

3. A simple idea stated in bold graphics makes for a better design than many small details


HEAT SEAL: this backing allows you to iron on your design with a home iron

VELCRO: with a velco backing, you can replace or rotate your patch easily

ADHESIVE: allows you to attach your patch to clothing or accesories immediately without ironing for a special event

NO BACKING: allows you to sew your patch onto any article of clothing or accessory

PLASTIC: free upon request

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